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Before buying or selling a vehicle, a lot of time is invested in different considerations. It’s often the case that a second opinion is desirable. As in any industry, an expert consultation is an important aspect and belongs to our service.  The market for classic and rare vehicles is often obscure and requires much knowledge and time to be able to assess it properly. What appears to be an attractive offer, at first sight, may turn out to not be the case upon closer inspection. Through our long-standing archive with comprehensive information for select vehicles, we can provide you with photos as well as facts about the vehicle’s history.

This additional background information often proves to be very meaningful to potential buyers and can be helpful in guiding and simplifying the decision making process. We at Lemacc, provide you up to date market information and an objective consultation. Many years of experience and international contacts have allowed us to be your partner and adviser. 

If one decides to sell his or her vehicle, the question of ‘how?’ arises. In addition to private sales, there is also the possibility of a sale by auction. Through constant fluctuations in the market, sometimes it makes sense to sell a vehicle at a certain time, but is it the right decision? Sometimes it is better to keep the car with regards to its appreciation potential. Some owners contemplate restoring the car instead of keeping it in its original condition. However, such decisions should be well considered because most of the time originality is irretrievable.  Originality, patina, and history are key words in the classic car scene. Are you looking for a vehicle primarily to use or as an investment? We will find a suitable car for your needs.