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Ferrari 512M

The F512 M (M for Modificata) was presented at the Paris Motor Show in 1994 as the last evolutionary stage of the Testarossa. The engine power could be increased from 428 HP of the predecessor 512 TR to 440 HP for the F512M. Thus the F512M was not only the most highly developed of this model series but also the rarest. At the same time it was the last flat 12-cylinder to be used in a production car with the jumping horse, a tradition that had started two and a half decades earlier with the presentation of Pininfarina's 365 GT4/BB concept at the 1971 Turin Motor Show. Perhaps the most radical change at the front was the abolition of the folding headlights and the use of headlights under a glass cover. In the bonnet were NACA inlets for the new air conditioning system. At the rear, the black radiator grille was slightly smaller, as were the rear lights, which were two round units each. The F512M is the most elaborate revision ever made to the Testarossa range. But it was also the one with the shortest service life and the least produced cars. Production lasted only until the beginning of 1996 and 501 cars were produced, 75 of them for the American market and 75 right-hand drive cars (RHD). (chassis numbers 99376 to 105516).

For sale is a well preserved Ferrari F512M:

The Ferrari 512M with the VIN *ZFFVA40B000101808* was delivered on 22.11.1995 via Ferrari Tamsen to the first owner in Germany. We assume that the original colour combination of this vehicle was Giallo Modena with interior in nero. The third owner of the vehicle later had the car repainted in black and had larger rims mounted. In addition, a sports steering wheel and sports seats, which offer more side support were built in. A sports exhaust system from Fuchs produces an infernal sound that one should have heard. The car has always been serviced and is in good condition from a technical point of view. A vehicle to drive and have fun! If you do not like the modifications, we will gladly take care of the procurement of the original parts. The vehicle will be sold with the Schedoni leather pouch and all the operating instructions as well as the original service book.



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