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You have decided to purchase a classic car but are not sure yet which era, brand or model would suit best? We can help you with the decision making process.

Have you found your dream car, but are unsure if the option you identified is really the right car to buy? We would be glad to advise and give you an independent second opinion to make your decision easier. We compare prices and review what future investments in the car you should be reasonably expecting. If necessary, we can also suggest interesting alternatives.

You want to save time and money? Lemacc has been monitoring the rare sports car and classic car markets for more than ten years and has kept track of comprehensive private sales and auction price data. Further, Lemacc created and continuously updates an archive with photos and background information of select vehicle models from various brands including Bugatti, Ferrari and Lamborghini. This enables Lemacc to identify certain vehicle models on the basis of photos and the chassis number, which allows to collate and provide additional information on the invidual vehicle’s history. Such knowledge can be valuable and helpful for the decision making process, and save customers from mispurchases.

Our network makes it easier to find specific vehicles. That is an important aspect, especially in the light that extraordinary vehicles are usually accessible by select buyers only, as sellers typically do not market them to a broader group. However, our contacts allow us - and more importantly you – to get access to such vehicles.