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Leopold Schwarzfurtner

Fulltime petrolhead since day one.
Dedicted to italian food, fashion and of course cars.
Likes heritage & vintage items which tells storys.
Prefer original than over-restored.

Philipp Bernhardt

Chasing the perfect light for every kind of model.
Looking for the story behind.
Love traveling with the VW T3 through the alps.
Shoot fast, life is short.

Owning a classic sports car has been a dream of many people since their childhood. This requires, in addition to a special passion, the financial resources to invest in a classic sports car. At the same time, the most frequent reasons for failure are lack of trust and expertise in the field. At Lemacc it is our aim and dedication to fully support you with your classic car investment decisions. Opposed to traditional vehicle retailers, Lemacc is always on the side of the customer.

As a result of many years of experience and knowledge in this market, we are able to offer our customers a competent analysis & prognosis of appreciation potential, as well as an extensive consultation for your individual vehicle choice. This helps our customers from making unrealistic assumptions, bad decisions and unfortunate purchases. Also, our international network provides us proprietary access to vehicles that are not available to the broader market. Our services include international trade, consultation and search for rare collectors’ cars worldwide, as well as sourcing of rare and original car parts and accessories. Lemacc was founded because of our passion for classic sports cars.