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Monteverdi Safari V8 7,2L

The Monteverdi Safari is an off-road vehicle of the Swiss car manufacturer Monteverdi, which was produced between 1976 and 1982. The trigger for the development of the Safari was the first oil crisis in the mid-1970s, as a result of which the sale of large, expensive sports cars collapsed. This also applied to Monteverdi's 1968 produced High Speed ​​375 series, of which in 1974 a little more than 30 copies and a year later even only 20 vehicles were sold.

Peter Monteverdi developed the Safari in the course of the year 1975. He took up the basic concept of the Range Rover, whose layout and dimensions he essentially took over for his own SUV. The Safari used far more technical components than the High Speed ​​375 series from mass production. As a result, the development and production costs were significantly reduced, so that the selling price was noticeably lower than in the previous, completely self-developed by Monteverdi sports car. Nevertheless, the safari was still a high-priced car. In 1980 the list price of a Safari was around 65,000 DM. During the production cycle, various engine variants were offered such as a 5.2 liter / 5.7 liter / 5.9 liter eight-cylinder, but also a 7.2-liter eight-cylinder Chrysler 440 Magnum Big Block, which at 305PS at the time was the fastest off-road vehicle of its time. From the 7.2-liter version only seven examples were manufactured. They were mainly sold to customers in the Middle East. Vehicles of this type were mostly withheld only super-rich or prominent such as the Shah of Persia or Gunter Sachs and various former Formula 1 drivers.


This Motor Car Monteverdi Safari V8 7,2L #4972

The vehicle offered here is Monteverdi Safari # 4972, 1 of only 7 manufactured with the 7.2 liter V8-cylinder Chrysler Big Block Magnum 440 engine. The first owner acquired this example on 16th June 1978 as an absolute new vehicle from Auto Becker in Dusseldorf, which comes directly from Automobile Monteverdi Basel, Binningen. The car captivates by a very good color combination "grünmetallisé" outside, beige corduroy interior with black carpets. Shortly after delivery extra underbody protection and thus cavity wax was applied, which is in absolutely rust-free condition. The car comes directly from the first owner, so 40 years in the possession of a person who has also taken care of the maintenance and preservation. The body is in original paint, the interior is 100% original. The mileage since delivery in 1978 is 51,500km and is verifiable by an extensive service history. 

It is certainly a unique opportunity to acquire a Monteverdi Safari with the 7.2 liter engine in this state of conservation. The demand for classic off-road vehicles such as Range Rover, Defender and Lamborghini LM002 is compressed in recent years and downward trend is not in sight. Certainly the most exclusive offroad car is available.



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