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Ferrari Testarossa

At the Motor Show in Paris in October 1984 the Testarossa, a descendant of the 512 BBi, was presented. Pininfarina's design broke with tradition and at the same time was overwhelming and innovative. The side air intakes were larger than those on the previous model. This led to the introduction of the side planks, which soon became the Testarossa's trademark. The Testarossa's 12-cylinder boxer engine was equipped with four valves per cylinder. The dry sump engine was mounted longitudinally and connected to a 5-speed gearbox in a similar way to the previous boxers. The car had an electric Marelli Microplex MED 120 B ignition system and Bosch KE-Jetronic injection to deliver the specified 390 hp at 6,300 rpm. (European models) or the 380 hp at 5,750 rpm. (US models). The model was manufactured, with some small optical changes over seven years, until the end of 1991. When it was replaced by the 512 TR, 7,177 units of the Testarossa were manufactured. The chassis numbers ranged from 53081 to 91923.

To the offered vehicle in detail:

The Ferrari Testarossa with the VIN ZFFAA17B000087658 was bought on 20.12.1990 thru the Ferrari dealer E. and Th. Wichelhausen from Hamburg / Germany by an owner community as new car and collector object and certified. The colour combination is rosso corsa - nero. Until the turn of the millennium, the car remained in the private car collection of the owners' association and was regularly moved in order to avoid damage to its condition. During the warranty period, maintenance was carried out at the authorized Ferrari dealership in Hamburg. Afterwards most service work was carried out by the own highly qualified mechanic, who takes care of the remaining vehicles of the collection. In the year 2000 the owner community was dissolved, and the vehicle was completely transferred to the then co-owner (all provable). Invoices from Ferrari authorized workshops are available. The last maintenance was carried out in April 2019 by a workshop specialized in Ferrari. The current mileage is 18,250km and can be documented. The overall condition can be described as excellent. The original paint is in very good condition, the interior is original and shows no signs of wear. The leather pouch with the owner’s manual, service booklet, tool kit, jack bag and 2x keys and the new car invoice at that time is present. The original, unused 6-piece Schedoni Testarossa luggage set is in black leather and included with the purchase of the vehicle.



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